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2rd Generation 5DOF 360°Spinning VR Chair Coming

9d vr 360

According to special viewing modes of VR theaters,Yingda have firstly introduced the new style & innovative spinning VR motion chair for oversea customers now, it can make the audiences realize the 360° rotation with five degrees of freedom, VR electric dynamic chair can reach the full landscape viewings&VR interaction for customers in the world, Yingda VR motion seat can not only sway left/right,sway forward/back, up and down, it can also rotate 360 ° when experiencing it. At the same time,this seat can greatly reduce the vertigo caused by motion sickness, its final goal is to make viewers enjoy thrilling&immersive experience, with more than ten years' unique technology, we can surely realize the best thrilling experience for viewers by choosing our spinning VR electric dynamic seat.

360 rotating 9d vr cinema

Unbounded excitement to get the good news that 4dmax 2.0 versions 5dof 360°spinning vr chair is coming out with bran-new appearance that is more beautiful and larger with size . It is be more suitable for tall and big people market. It is made by strong fiberglass material, cool blue and white color and effect like sweep leg and buns and back vibrations ect. Match professional 3Glasses helmet to create a miraculous vr cinema.

9d cinema vr
9d vr cinema with 1 seat
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