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4DMAX Movie Theater Project Cases

4DMAX Movie Theater Project Cases---Our Oversea Customers from India&Africa to Yingda Showroom

4DMAX Movie Theater is to make viewers enjoy hyper-realistic and immersive experience,it will also help different theaters advance ticket sales in the world, such as Japan, Africa, India, South America, etc.Through our innovative motion code technology& independent intellectual property rights and patent technology, Yingda should supply our special complete theater solutions for customers in the world, including 4D theater planning,4D dynamic theater design, installation and debugging,after-sale service, etc, please kindly check our project cases as below:

4d motion effects seats
4d movie theater seats

In these years, Yingda has made great performance in this industry, such as oversea Africa project cases, Philippine projects, Europe project cases, Chinese projects, etc,it will bring great feedback for our top quality products and superior services,4DMAX movie theater is with updated technology to realize the 3DOF motion effects of dynamic chair&4D effects for customers, such as heave/roll/pitch, vibrating, sweep leg, bubble, rain, lightning, fog, etc.its final goal is to help viewers create new exciting experience when watching movies,it can help theaters bring more ticket business completely,please kindly check our Yingda cases as below:

4d theater motion chair effects

4d motion controlled seats 4d chair

4DMAX Movie Theater Project Cases
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Africa Great 50seats 4DMAX Commercial Movie Theater Project
Africa Great 50seats 4DMAX Commercial Movie Theater Project
Abdoulaye is from Africa who visited our factory in Beijing in 2012, we have been doing great business with us for 50seats 4D commercial dynamic cinema, it is with 3DOF electric motion platform chairs...