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4DMAX New 48seat 4D Dynamic Cinema

Project Date: Dec 10th,2018
Project Leader: Beijing Yingda Technology Development Co.,Ltd (Headquarter)

Congradulations on 4DMAX New 4D Cinema Project,this project is still under installation&debugging for our partner in Dec,2018,It  will put 10pcs luxury motion sofas&38pcs 4D motion seat for this 4D theater,including 9*4seat unit+1*2seat unit+10*single motion sofas,projector,sound system,screen,environmental effects,installation parts,etc.

As per customer's request, we did put luxury motion sofas in middle of row in 4D cinema, which will bring special viewing experience for audiences during watch movies,this motion sofa is top real leather for clients, which are the same top quality as 4D motion seat, however, which is more comfortable than 4D motion chair when seated in the single sofa, because this luxury motion chair is a little expensive than motion seat,they are both having 3DOF motion effects for clients, including vibrating,side to side, forward/back, up/down, etc, this 4D dynamic chair will also have other effects for clients, such as sweep leg, back poker, air jet, spray water,etc.it will bring you into new thrilling journey when wearing 3D glass.

,this cinema is semicircle room for clients after decorating it, according to cinema CAD plans.we can try to help make the 5D cinema layout for client firstly, then quote best offer to confirm order,we could meet client's request completely,it's better to put total 10*2seat unit 4D motion chairs for this cinema finally.

Furthermore, we will do supply superior environmental effects equipment for 4D theater, including lightning, smoke, bubble, rain,etc,when it appears rain image,you will feel the rain falling down your face now, when it happens lightning.you will feel the strobe light appearing on the front of you, there are other different effects which you could feel by yourself, that's so thrilling viewing experience which can help you advance ticket sales&make great profits than before, tks.

4DMAX is our company's brand, we have our own core technology and R&D and software editing teams in our headquarter, there are also our film production teams in branch office, which all make sure that we could supply top quality products&film update services, superior after-sale service, quality assurance for overseas clients. Its goal is to help clients enlarge their theater business in the world, then making great revenues year by year in the future.

As per market change & client's feedback, Yingda Technology did upgrade new cover designs for our clients, such as 5seat unit,4seat unit,3seat unit,2seat unit, one seat,good things is that our old partners can introduce new customer's to us,we can gain more good reputation from overseas partners in the world, attached is our 48seat 4D motion cinema projects for you as below:
4DMAX New 48seat 4D Dynamic Cinema
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