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5D Motion Cinema is Coming, The Reign of 3D is Over

Good quality bring good reputation. Good reputation bring good order. 5d motion cinmea is a one-of-a-kind movie 3d projection experience, providing an immersive, trilling experience that's fun for all people! Now included with theme park amusement park and museum!

5d motion cinmea

Warmly Congratulate zangmashan museum 4d cinema formally completed!

Many thanks zangmashan museum trusts. YINGDA 4DMAX cooperate with zangmashan museum create a fire-new 5d cinema 5d motion theater with 16seats 4d 3dof motion chair, excellent 7.1 HuaSheng sound system, HD 3d digital projector create ultra - stereoscopic and ultra - clear images.Tailor-made superior movie translate into action coding play in sync with our motion seats, Match the Environmental effects include rain snow wind bubble ect to create a real scene, that make our audience are personally on the scene. Better publicity of Chinese culture enables modern people to better understand the history and inherit the excellent cultural treasures of history.

5d motion theater

5d motion cinema is coming, The reign of 3D is over in cinemas!

Design smoke, rain, optoelectronics, bubble, smell, scenery, task performance results. So that people can get when watching movies vision, hearing, touch, smell and other full experience. In addition to the three-dimensional visuals, showing the scene can simulate lightning, smoke, snow, odors and other natural phenomena, the audience's seats also produce fall, vibration, air spray, spray, leg sweep and other activities. These live special effects and three-dimensional images and the story closely, in the visual and physical experience to the audience to bring new entertainment, like the odd shadow illusion, exciting. When the audience watching stereoscopic cinema is changing the contents of the plot along the film feel a storm, lightning, rain, shock, spray mist corresponding three-dimensional event, seats 3dof change at any time. Let people enjoy it wholeheartedly.

5D Motion Cinema is Coming, The Reign of 3D is Over
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