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4DMAX 5D Cinema - Congratulations on Yingda 70seats Museum 5D Dynamic Cinema

Project Name: 70seat Han Dynasty 5D Cinema(Museum,etc)
Project Date: July,2018
Project Leader: 4DMAX Yingda Manufacturer

Good news is for our oversea customers&us,Yingda did surely finish great project for our partner in July,2018,its project name is Han Dynasty 5D Cinema, it's similar to Museum,Experience Hall,etc,thanks.our partner will playing short movies(5-15mins) for viewers to experiencing in this 5D Cinema, some special movies are custom made by our customers, we will supply our 5D Cinema movies for them directly,however,we have own professional film production teams in our company,if has custom movies, we will gladly help make the films and make high precision movie coding for customers together, thanks.

For this 5D motion cinema, as per our customer’s request,we will choose our top PU leather luxury 4D motion seat for them,including 3seat unit,4seat unit,our motion seat is not only with best design for customers, it also chooses top quality crank electric motion platform for clients here, its lifetime is often up to 8-10years, when customers inquiry us, we will gladly send our motion platform advantages and detailed pictures to them directly, it will make our customers know more about our motion chair before we cooperate firstly, for all 5D cinema projects,we make sure that we will gladly make more clients work with us safely,it can realize 3DOF motion effects, such as vibrating, up/down, left/right, forward/back, sweep leg,poker back, air jet, including our 4D environmental effects, such as rain, bubble, lightning, fog, etc.

We will try to supply our complete 5D cinema solution for our customers, including cinema design, motion seat&all systems drawing,panoramic video for cinema,construction drawings, technical supports, service, etc, it will help our partners save more time&energy doing this cinema directly, finally, our good partners will often introduce other clients to us for inquiring our 4DMAX 5D motion cinema, etc, we would have gained great feedbacks&trust from customers in the world, please kindly check our project pictures as below:
4DMAX 5D Cinema - Congratulations on Yingda 70seats Museum 5D Dynamic Cinema
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