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Africa Great 50seats 4DMAX Commercial Movie Theater Project

Abdoulaye is from Africa who visited our factory in Beijing in 2012, we have been doing great business with us for 50seats 4D commercial dynamic cinema, it is with 3DOF electric motion platform chairs for this system, this 4d motion theater has seated 50people for clients in Africa, this project is done for government investment in Africa, our project was finished smoothly by our professional engineers for training and guides on local technical workers at scene. Yingda Technology was gained great feedback on our superior service and on our top quality products in 2013, as per our clients' requests,Yingda Technology has provided our complete cinema equipment for this client here, we choose 5seater 4d motion chair unit for this cinema, its total system is 5-row 4d motion seat with electric motion platform. We choose Crank Mechanism structure for this 4D dynamic chair because its lifetime is up to about 8years for clients. It was low noise with 30dB, movement accuracy is up to 0.1mm, synchronization accuracy is 1 Frame, stable performance and low maintenance costs for overseas clients, this project equipment including Yingda 50seaters 4D dynamic chair (50seaters 4D motion seats), cinema projector, screen, sound system&environmental effects(bubble, rain, snow, lightning, fog), it can realize 3DOF motion effects of dynamic chairs, such as heave/roll/[pitch, vibrating, sweep leg, etc,. Furthermore, our 4d motion chair can sync with playing Hollywood and Bollywood movies on the screen completely, it can make cinema bring 4D special effects, such as rain, snow, fog, bubble, etc effects. And it will surely help our clients make this wonderful&special cinema in the local market, so it was able to advance tickets sales for clients by thrilling cinema and newly-released Hollywood movies, etc.

Abdoulaye can give us great feedback by using our complete cinema systems,we always contact with each other for more cinemas in the future,it can make them gain great profits through this great project in Africa, thanks for their sincere cooperation with Yingda Company in 2013.

There are so many beautiful and thrilling cinema photos for people's reviews as below:

Africa Great 50seats 4DMAX Commercial Movie Theater Project
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