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Amazing 32seats 5D Motion Theater Project

Saudi Arabia, April 28th 2018, 4dmax, Technology one of a world leader in entertainment experiences, is pleased to announce the 4dmax 5d movie theatre have been finished build.

For this 5d movie theatre, it uses simulated tree flowers and grass etc to create a natural environment, when our viewer come, it looks like they are in nature. While this 4d movie system collects 32 sets hi-tech 3dof 4d motion seats, super hi-vision panasonic digital projector PTBZ580C, perfect 7.1 sound system and environmental effects systems like wind rain snow fog bubble flash and lighting. When the movie is played, whole this 5d movie theater must become an auditory visual-tactile feast! Beginning next month, guests can experience one of the most innovative technologies in cinema.

4dmax Motion Seats are a premium movie-going experience that provides a multi-sensory enhancement to the action on the screen. For action movies special in Hollywood blockbuster, 4dmax motion seats can be coded to move in concert with the action on the big screen. Guests can experience an amazing and thrilling feeling in 5d movie theater.

The unparalleled motion technology 5d theater has been used with great success in recent blockbusters, it answers the worldwide trend towards premium experiences that are designed to attract more customers and boost box office revenue!

Amazing 32seats 5D Motion Theater Project
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