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Bright Future of 4D Cinema

4d cinema is also called four-dimensional cinema, which is a 4D develop base on 3d three-dimensional cinema and add surrounding environment effect simulation and 4d movie motion seat. It is a new type of movies and television product which is composed of 3d movie, environmental special effects simulation and 4d theater motion chair. It can enhance the Immediate effect by giving audiences physical stimulation of the linkage of film content. When the audience is watching the 4d movie, with the movie plot changes, they can feel the events corresponding to the 3d image around them in real time, such as storm, thunder and lightning, rain, hit against, spraying water and shooting legs, etc. The 4d theater motion seat own function such as water spraying, air injection, vibration and foot sweep etc.

4d theater motion seat
Environmental effect simulation refers to the installation of snow, rain, lightning, smoke and other special effects equipment in the 4d cinema, which is to create an environment consistent with the content in the movie. The above two types of movies have immersive, thrilling and exciting effect. They have both commonness and individuality. Like be personally on the scene, thrilling and exciting, and feeling the technology are their common characteristics. One is to feel stimulation in motion, the other is to feel stimulation in vision, which is their personality.

With the development of information technology, human-computer interaction technology has been applied in all walks of life. Its application in 4D cinema is highly personalized and entertaining to enhance the sense of audience participation, which is a revolution for the development of 4D cinema.

4D cinema

4D cinema represents the advanced technology of current cinema line and is also an international trend.With the improvement of people's living standards, cinemas in the cultural industry have also entered a stage of rapid development. 4D cinema will be the development trend of cinema chains in the future.

4d cinema
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