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Yingda 4DMAX Home Theater Project with 19units

Yingda 4DMAX 4D Home Theater Project --Congratulation on Supplying our Yingda 19units of 2.0 Generation 4D Motion Chairs for customers.

Yingda technology can be not only used for thrilling entertainment experiences, it's also great to improve skills and stimulate the imagination through motion, that’s why our motion code technology is applied for professional experiences in industries such as private theater, VIP club, amusement places, house, etc.

Through our motion code technology updates, Yingda will specially design&custom-made 2.0 generation motion chair for 4D home theater now,these chairs were exported to Europe, USA, Canada, etc,it can surely create immersion through motion when watching movies at theaters,this chair was made by our long-life crank mechanism,it is top quality electric three degree of freedom motion platform for customers,it have 4d effects&motion chair effects in 4D home theaters, such as vibrating, up/down,left,right,left/forward,bubble,lightning,etc,it can make your own theater become more attractive for family/friend/viewers, etc,thanks.

We design and manufacture the high-quality motion systems for the entertainment and other markets. To create an exciting&hyper-realistic experience, we can focus on crafting the wonderful realistic&precise motion vibrations and patterns.

For our latest 2.0 generation dynamic chair, we would also just delivered 19units of complete home theater motion seats to our customers from our factory in June 2018,they are installed for 4D medium special motion theater here,when finished installing&debugging at theater scene in July, we will gladly send our perfect project photos to overseas customers by email or online directly soon, thanks,please kindly check our 4DMAX 2.0 generation dynamic seat photos for 4D home theater as below:
home theater motion chair
4d home theater chair control system
4d home theater chair

Yingda 4DMAX Home Theater Project with 19units
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