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Features of 4D Motion Seat

At present, the most used seats in China are hydraulic dynamic seats, because the technology requirements are relatively high, and the price is relatively cheap, which can be the most cost-effective type of dynamic seats. Commonly, the typical 4D motion theater use hydraulic motion seats. It is easy to integrate with good kinetic effects, which can perform three degrees of freedom of lift, pitch, swing, and other modes of movements. And now, during the World Expo, China is applying aerospace technology to the 4D motion seat. When watching aerospace films, the seat underneath the audience was tilted back and forward to make the viewer enjoyable.

4D Motion Seats control system consists of an operation control box, main control computer, servo control box components. Each component is integrated into a central console. The control system has the characteristics of simple operation and reliable performance. It has an adjustable amplitude of movement. The operation control box consists of the main control box and auxiliary control box, in which the main operation, display department, and components are products from famous imported and domestic manufacturers. With strict screening,  it is made strictly according to the process requirements of production. The control system is equipped with multiple levels of protection so that it can be easily handled in case of an emergency in operation.

The 4D Motion Seat is a computer-controlled special effect that is based on the storyline of the film, such as falling, shaking, wind, and rain, with carefully designed smoke, rain, light, bubbles, smells, to create a fully perceptible environment consistent with the content of the film. Imagine previously how hard it was to feel a film when we only enjoyed it visually and audibly and it was hard enough to fit into the plot. Nowadays, when we sit on the Motion Seat and watch the movie, we can feel the events around us, such as storms, thunder and lightning, rain, impact, water spray, and leg tapping, which correspond to the stereoscopic image in real time. The 4D dynamic cinema seat has functions like jetting water, spraying gas, vibration, sweeping the legs, which mobilizes the audience's perception system so that they can really walk into the film. Thus it makes every audience follow the plot of the film from beginning to end.

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