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4DMAX Core Technology: 4DMAX Motion Programming Editing about Commercial Movies

We choose the suitable 3D commercial movies, it can do effective motion programming according to film plots&atmosphere, it can make viewers new immersive experience, if only the content of the movie meets the requirements, any existing 3D films can be added to the action programming.

Films Motion Code Service Introduction  4DMAX  Core Motion Editing Technology

What is the soul of the 4D movie?Undoubtedly, the seat action&various special effects can sync with 3D film contents perfectly.If without good motion editing&time point accurate encoding matching, it can not make good performances, Yingda Technology has high-end movie effects editing software&hardware teams and effects editing teams.

Film Motion Code Service

1.The film motion feature editing room shown as in Figure 1, the film simulates the screen effect by projection mode
2.The film motion encoding software interface shown in Figure 2
3.The motion coders shown in Figure 3 is to use the titanium passenger flight rocker 360 ° full range of motion capture, this is our original dynamic acquisition system
4.The flight rocker collector shown in Figure 4 is in perfect sync with the writing software, and there is no delay.