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2018 China Digital Culture of VR & Industry-Education Integration Summit Forum

Forum Date:Nov 29-30,2018

Conference Place:Hangzhou,China

Exhibitor: Beijing Yingda Technology Development Co.,Ltd (Headquarter)

At the opening ceremony, the leader of Fuyang District in Hangzhou, Mr.Wei Dong delivered a speech for the summit.On behalf of the Fuyang District Government,he expressed his concern for the development of the digital cultural industry.He is eager to create new environment about the development of the VR digital cultural industry for the regional government.the collaborative development of the digital cultural industry "experience economic circle" and "innovative complex"  is to become a new driving force for regional cultural economic development and industrial integration.

Professor of Beijing Institute of Technology,the Director of the Virtual Simulation Experimental Resources Construction Committee Ms Li Fengxia,who made speech on "New Forms of VR Teaching Resources Construction in the Background of New Engineering", from the online and offline integration of colleges and universities. the problems, solutions and opportunities&challenges faced in the construction of exploring VR teaching resources. At the same time, there are also related professors of education and research&production universities who brings innovation and experience sharing of talent training modes.

During the conference,Yingda Technology also attends this VR Education Show,where we take our 2rd Generation 5DOF VR Chair Simulator to this show,which was popular by many new&old clients at our booth,this VR motion chair cover is designed by Yingda R&D teams in our factory,Beijing,China.its cover material is FRP with beautiful design,the VR simulator is 5DOF electric motion platform,the ambient advantage is to realize 360degree spinning movements for this chair,when wearing VR goggles,it will bring you thrilling VR journey,enjoying exicting VR entertainment experiences.

The other functions are VR games,4D effects(air jet,back poker,sweep leg,etc),which are very different from other VR egg suppliers,welcome you to visit our factory in Beijing,China,our branch office is in Guangzhou,where we have our own film production teams for oversea clients,including film updates,game update,software upgrade supports,custom-made services,OEM,perfect after-sale service,24hr online service,etc,we will glad to share our VR simulator show pictures with you as below:

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