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Think back, when you enter the cinema, what is your ultimate aim of choosing 4D motion theater? If you are in pursuit of stimulating environmental effects, you can go to the theme park because it is said that there has already had 12D. The ultimate aim of the so-called 4D concept should be letting the audience immerse in the plot better, and eliminate all the external interference that can remove you from the plot. But 4D, which has a variety of special environmental effects, whose dynamic feeling has been placed on the secondary, just as a driving platform. It is more suitable for short content scenes, such as theme parks and museums.

The Experience of a good 4D film:

You will have an Immersive experience and feel as if you are participating. You can perceive the director's intentions through the motion feeling. you can experience the plot personally as if you are on the screen. It is a great assistance to the film and the film becomes more "accessible".
1. Put you personally on the scene.
2. It helps us enjoy the movie and the sense of achievement multiplies.
3. We are more able to understand the director's intentions.
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