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4D Cinema Motion Chair Market Analysis

Now among the IMAX hall, 4K double-projecter hall, laser 4K hall and LD hall, the most special is the LD hall. The others are named after their technologies, but the LD hall is named after "light and lightning". The Lumiere brothers were the inventors of the movie, and the name "Lumiere" of the LD Hall of the Lumiere Pavilions means light and lightning in French.

The projector in LD hall is not the state-of-the-art one but the cost-effective RealD 3D. The 4d motion cinema chair in the LD hall is not a seat with dynamic platform like CJ Group's, but instead of low frequency vibrating leather seats. The speed of the Real-D system is 144 frames per second, it projects digital images alternately to the left and the right eyes. Therefore, the 3D glasses worn by the audience are dynamic spectacles, which are lighter and more comfortable.

Some professional audience analyze that the IMAX projector has high precision, high efficiency, and the reliability and stability of operation. Each picture is firmly attached to the rear part of the lens with the vacuum device, which makes the stability of the picture much higher than any conventional standards, and the images are as clear as crystals. Some front-row audience feel that the IMAX screen is very big and the stereo is very shocking. However, some of rear-row audience don’t find any difference. During the period of hosting Shanghai World Expo, the Saudi Pavilion had already had a IMAX3D theater, at that time, the staff would remind the audience of the possibility of vertigo and the patients with heart disease and high blood pressure should think carefully whether or not to watch the movies. Although the screen of RealD 3D is quite small, the picture of the digital 3D is very clear, and the transition of the high-speed moving pictures is quite smooth. In general, the pictures are pretty perfect.

The leather 4d motion cinema chair of the LD hall of Lumiere Pavilions are of European and American style, they are luxurious and spacious, without the degree-of-freedom platform that Korean CJ dynamic seat has, they don’t have movements like bending forward and backward, bumping and falling down, but has special effects like low frequency vibration, water spraying, ear blowing, back poking and leg sweeping that pretty attract the audience.

In general, it is not always necessary to choose the most expensive equipment to operate a 4d cinema, but choose cost-effective devices that can achieve perfect effects, which is conducive to the competition with large theaters. The 4D motion cinema seat produced by Movie Power has two kinds, they are 4D dynamic and 4D special effect. The 4D special effect seat is worth mentioning, although it doesn't have six degree-of-freedom platform movement, it has many advantages, which are analyzed in detail as follows.
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