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4DMAX motion seat six-degree-freedom platform: The six-degree-freedom motion platform is composed of six cylinders, up and down six universal hinges and two platforms. The lower platform is fixed on the basis. With the help of the expansion movement of six cylinders, the movement in six degrees of freedom (X, Y, Z, α,β,γ) of the upper platform in the space can be simulated, thus a variety of spatial movements can be simulated. 4D home cinema power system: Because of the movement characteristics of the 4D motion theater, the theater must be equipped with a power system to support the movements of the seat or platform, usually in several ways of pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric.

4D home cinema screening system: Most of the 4D motion theaters are screened by double polarizing, and the digital film projector can be used as a projecting device. The stereoscopic projection system needs high picture clarity, high brightness, good color reduction and good viewing.

The screen of the 4D home cinema: Based on the display requirements of 4D motion theater, the metal screen generally uses a special material, and the gain can be 3.8-4.8 better than the general gain of 1.8-2.8. High gain means that the performance of the mage is clearer and brighter. Because of the large screen and high brightness machines, the high gain is needed to meet the multi-angle view of the cinema. More people watch, while the polarizing film is filtered too much from the machine light, which requires more high gains of the metal screen to reflect. The higher the gain is reflected, the stronger the light is, the brighter the screen is.

The digital audio system of the 4D home motion theater: 4D motion theater is usually played by 5.1 channels(that is, front left, front right, middle, surround left and surround right). For special cinema or special movie needs, it can also be upgraded to 6.1 or even 7.1 channel system to enhance environmental sound effects. For example, an additional channel is added to the overhead of the theater to simulate the effects of aircraft flight and thunder.
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