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4D Motion Theater Composition

4D motion theater is defined as the 4D dynamic seat (or platform) as the main standard, or divided into 4D Cinema (non stereoscopic), 4D stereoscopic Cinema (stereoscopic), and 4D moving cinema according to its functions.
As to the functions of 3D stereoscopic technology, the naked eye 3D (3D) technology is becoming more and more mature. Stereoscopic glasses are only adopted for 4D motion theater. The enhancement of environmental effects upgraded the cinema to 4D dynamic Cinema (also known as 5D cinema).

The 4d motion seat
The seat is made up of computer control to make five special effects according to the plot of the movie: falling, shaking, spraying wind, spraying water and beating legs, together with the well-designed smoke, rain, photoelectricity, air bubbles, smell, scenery, character performance etc to 3D film and television, thus mobilizing all the human perception system, get the audience deep into the drama.

The functions of the seat
Face sprinkler: It can spray small amount of water on the audience's face, to simulate sneezing, water pipe broken and other situations.
Face jet: Blow the compressed air directly to the face of the audience, to simulate the impact of the explosion, the passing of the bullet and so on. The jet effect is done by the air nozzles of each seat, acting on the head and neck of the audience.
Movement:  Move up and down, left and right and back and forth, to simulate the movement of pitching, rolling, lifting and so on. The left and right is for rolling, flying and running, forward for flying and falling, upward for looking up, taking off or rise head etc.
Vibration: Inside the seat cushion of the equipment, it can push up and down when acting, and achieve the vibration frequency of 12Hz, so that the audience can feel the sensation of "up and down".
Scavenging: A small flexible air hose is suspended under each seat. When animals like mice, snakes, insects and other animals appear in the film, the hose will beat the audience's leg, which can simulate the feelings of the animals under the legs.
Back: A new type of equipment built in the back of the seat, which can be pushed forward to realize the vibration frequency of 5Hz, makes the audience feel the sudden "vibration" on the back together with a strong sense of "back" and "electric shock".

Sound system
Adopting high-quality sound effect material --- multi-channel surround sound system. Provide 2.1 to 6.1 or even 7.1 channel systems to enhance environmental sound effects. (e.g. Add channels to the theater overhead to simulate aircraft flying, thunder etc.) The multi-channel surround sound system of 4D motion cinema is designed and made after fully considering the characteristic that the column 4D cinema can make the 3D object surround motion as well as accurately locate the moving objects, and make the sound of the 4D film and television solid and form a real three-dimensional space sense.

Control system
How can we make them play their role in an organic and orderly way after all the above elements have been met? It requires the computer control system designed specifically for the content of different films. The core of the control system is the control software. The programming engineer sets the command according to the content of the film and sets the command at the exact time point to control the switch of the screening system, the special effect seat, the special effect equipment, the sound system and so on. A 4D motion theater system constitutes an organic whole to provide the audience with a full range of sensory experience.

Digital sound box
The 4D motion theater's sound source loudspeaker technology of equilibrium adopted discrete audio channels to play the sound so that the audience can recognize the source of each sound (the traditional 5.1 disperse sound system plays the sound through multiple speakers, which makes the listener unable to distinguish the source of sound). Each 4D cinema is processed by acoustics, which can accurately and truly present the voice image with the largest dynamic range. As a result, the sound of each 4D showroom is extremely clear, and the audience can hear not only the sound of a needle falling down to the ground but also the location of the drop. The tracks of every 4D movie are specially made to suit the unique 4D sound system.
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