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4D Motion Theater Effect Implementation

The screen
As for visual effort, it adopts a 180 degree circular-screen stereoscopic image, which means that the screen is kept on a curve with the same center, not a flat (flat screen). The height and width of the screen are 16:9, and the motion and film scope of the cylinder ring 3D object is extended to broaden the field of vision. It gets rid of the binding of plane vision, makes the film space and the real space closer, and produce a variety of movement ways such as cross, surround and so on, thus producing the feeling of time and space transformation. It is different from the "flat four-dimensional video", which limits the visual angle of the audience as well as the movement direction of the object.

4D movie theater seat
According to the plot of the movie, the 4d movie theater seats includes five kinds of special effects, which are controlled by computer, named falling, shaking, spraying wind, spraying water, and beating legs. In addition, the well-designed smoke, rain, photoelectricity, air bubbles, smell, scenery, character performance etc are added to 3D film and television, thus mobilizing all the human perception system, so that people deep immerse in the film plot. Due to the combination of the movie plot in the four-dimensional film and the effects of the above special effects,  the audience get a comprehensive sense of vision, hearing, touch, smell etc when watching the 4D movie, just be put in the scene like a dream. It formed a unique way of performance, so is the most popular 4D video in the world today. Through this series of technical improvements and innovations, the four dimensional film and television has broken through the traditional concept of the film as a light and shadow art, and has become a brand new and real high-tech product.

Sound system
Aparet from that, soud system is also an improtant part in 4d motion theater. It adopts high-quality sound effect material - multi-channel surround sound system as the theater's sound system. Provide 6.1 or even 7.1 channel system to enhance environmental sound effects. (e.g. add channels to the theater overhead to simulate aircraft flying, thunder etc.) The multi-channel surround sound system of 4D cinema is designed and made after fully considering the characteristic that the column 4D cinema can make the 3D object surround motion, and can accurately locate the moving objects to make the sound of the 4D film and television sound solid and form a real three-dimensional space sense.

Special effect glasses
In need of cylindrical picture effect,  cylindrical polarized glasses are specially designed and manufactured for watching cylindrical films (namely "stereoscopic glasses"). The image of the left eye and the right eye is different so that the image reflected in the human brain is the 3D stereoscopic image, which creates the stereoscopic space that likes in the real scenes.

Stereoscopic projection system
It is made up of a broadcast host and two Li D8300 high definition projectors. The host is responsible for exporting two 1080P stereo signals and exporting special effects control commands to special effects seats and special effects equipment. In order to shorten the projection distance, HD zoom projector adopts 1.2-1.5 zoom short focus lens. The 300 inch projection requires only 9m. If using standard lens projection, you need 15m for the same projection distance.

Control system
The computer adopts 485 control interface and PLC chip internal loop technology, which response accurately, fast and supports readable feedback.

Operation monitoring system
Keyboard operation mode - one button playback design, which is simple and convenient. The 22 inch LCD monitor and professional monitoring headset can monitor the movie playing in the control room.
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