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4D Motion Theater Solutions and principle

1. To solve the film source problem

The movie in the 4D Motion Theater must be a three-dimensional movie. Three-dimensional movie can be acquired through both computer production and three-dimensional photography. The deep creation art provides three-dimensional video solutions for stereoscopic film production, filming and leasing required for 3D and 4D cinemas.

2. The size of the site

We will design the number of 4d motion seats for you based on the actual space you need. If you already have the number of 4d motion theater seats, we can design the size of the 4d motion theater based on the number of your dynamic seats!

3. Safety environment assessment of the theatre according to theater CAD drawings

4. Design of cinema screen size and three-dimensional effect

5. Hardware equipment integration and installation and debugging

6. After-sales service according to the specific situation of the theater

Principle in 4d motion theater

The 4D dynamic cinema is based on the 3D stereoscopic cinema. it is a new type of film and television product that composed by the environmental effects associated with the content of the movie through a simulator, that is, the three-dimensional stereoscopic film and the surrounding environment are stimulated to form a four-dimensional space, which also called four-dimensional space. 4D cinema and 4D games use the same working principle. The principle is to use professional 3D development engine, with the help of 3D stereo TVs, projectors and other display devices, stereo glasses and other receiving equipment, through composing two images with a certain visual difference (i.e., to imitate the stereo-imaging of human eyes). The combination of the images created by the stereoscopic imaging function shows a more interactive effect in the participation of the audience or players. When viewing the 4D motion picture, the audience can feel the events corresponding to the stereoscopic image such as storm, thunder, rain, impact, water spray, and pat on the leg, etc. The 4D Motion seats can spray water, blow air, vibrate, sweep leg etc., which help create a full-feeling environment that is consistent with the content of the film. Each of 4D Motion seat in the cinema can ride two people, with features of convenient combination and good dynamic effect. Besides, it can perform three degrees of free movements such as lifting, pitching, and swinging. 4D Motion Film allows audience to experience immersive, thrilling experiences while enjoying the entertainment and fun that technology brings to human lives.
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