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4DMAX Movie Theater is the most thrilling&immersive theater experiences-full Hollywood films with 4D effects,4DMAX theaters are equipped with innovative technology motion seats that move in perfect sync with on-screen action.you will be able to experience special effects such as wind, fog, lightning and scents when watching a movie.4DMAX theaters enable you to connect with the movie, sending you on a journey with the different characters.

4D motion movie theater can make customers enjoy realistic,thrilling&immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body&stimulate imagination through motion, we have strong desire to enhance the experience, the movie moves you, move the life. 

4D Dynamic Seat contains five special effects that controlled by the computer according to the storyline of the film, such as falling, shaking, air jet,water spray,and sweep leg,vibrating,etc.In addition,it is specially designed with smoke, rain,fog,bubble,smell,scenery,character performances, etc. introducing 3D film is to mobilize all the perception system of people and makes people really enter the film plots.

4DMAX Motion Seat is so different from other suppliers in China,we will choose top quality crank-mechanical 3DOF electric motion platform for clients,the chair design is very different from others,pls check some advantages:

1.Crank-mechanical 3DOF electric motion platform is about 8-10years lifespan for you,which has no wearing parts to make sure safe-using&lowest maintenance for clients,low noise,stable performace,etc
2.Luxury 4D chair apperance is unique design for clients,its material is FRP,it is with LED light for meeting some independent client’s request,which can use both VR theater&4D theater perfectly
3.Stable Performance&Long Lifespan
4. Movement Accuracy(Motion Positioning Precision 0.1mm,Dynamic Response Time 0.05s,Synchronization Accuracy 1 Frame.

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