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4D Movie Theater Has Become a Standard Cinema Equipment

With the popularity of the movie market, 4D movies and 4D movie theaters have begun to creep out.

Visited a number of well-known theaters to understand that at present, Oscar, Wanda, Yaolai Jackie Chan and other well-known theaters have been upgraded or upgraded or built a new 4D movie theater.

"4D movie theater is a four-dimensional special effects equipment, sound and light technology, various environmental special effects equipment and carefully conceived three-dimensional film. Through vision, touch and smell, the audience is completely immersed in the realistic simulation environment and experience the strong sense of presence in the theater."

It can help the audience to better integrate into the film and enjoy the extraordinary entertainment of watching movies through the perfect combination of film plots and more than 10 special effects such as seat shaking, left and right movement, vibration and snow, hot air, spray, aroma, lightning, bubble.

To put it simply, it is a simple visual stereoscopic effect than 3D, which adds multi-dimensional feelings such as touch and smell on the body. Experience: The seat will move, spray, blow, poke, and sweep the legs like the film. When it rains in the movie, the faces of the audience are sprayed with water. The heroine is floating in the capsule, while the audience is rocked by the seats of the theater. The monster roared at the characters on the screen, and the cool wind blew from the back of the audience's neck. When the main character flies a helicopter to fight, the audience will bump along with the seat, and the back, the hip, the leg is still being poked.

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