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4DMAX 5DOF 360°Spinning VR Chair Simulator - Welcome our UAE Clients to Visit Us

We are glad to meet with Ahmed in our company on Aug 6th, 2018, they was very nice and friendly to us when meeting each other, they are very interested in our unique design 5DOF 360°spinning VR chair simulator after experiencing it. Our 4DMAX VR chair looking feel very unique for customers, the important point is to realize the 5DOF motion effects, such as 3DOF motion effects (up/down, swing left/right, forward/back)+2DOF movement effects (360°left/right spinning movement), vibrating, interactive, etc. It can make many viewers enjoy hyper-realistic&shock experience when wearing VR headset, please kindly check our pictures together as follows:

After our talkings, our UAE clients is very interested in our 2rd generation9d virtual reality chair simulator, they will ask us to help them design 9seater 9D VR Cinema before leaving, we will try to send our perfect drawing&complete solution for their reviews. After their double-checking, they are very satisfied with our VR chair simulator quality, service, etc, they will plan to build VR cinema in two months. Welcome them to visit us in our company, we are grateful for their trust on us after our friendly contacts in these months, for VR cinema, it will charge US$10 for experiencing it per time in USA, UAE, Canada, etc. As per our customers' feedbacks, they will often earning 600-1000USD per day for small 6seater VR cinema, Yingda should try our best to help more partners enlarging their VR business for better revenues in the future.

Finally, for 4DMAX VR cinema, we will try to supply our complete equipments for our oversea customers, including cinema design, VR dynamic chair drawing, control room, equipment room, VR headset, PC control host, software player system, etc. As per customers' requests, we will try to supply our best advice for their references, the final goal is to help customers build special VR cinema, their clients will pay more attention to their VR cinema, they will make viewers enjoy unbelievable realistic&immersive experience with 360°visions at special cinema 9d vr. They will help them yield more revenues step by step in the future,we will gladly send our design drawing of 9seater VR cinema for your review firstly, welcome all customers to inquiry us if interest in doing VR business, it will make you spend some small money for bring more benefits in the future.

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