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4DMAX Create a Professional VR Cinema as well as Unique VR Content

In the cool autumn season, the sun is shining and the wind is blowing slowly, it is best way to autumn outing. This a great thing that our 4dmax best team and best family go to the Great Wall together. All our colleagues and family come from engineering design department, a after sell service department and two professional VR movies & software development team etc. It is a great time , Thanks our big boss and partner.

Who we are?
We are a professional VR cinema creative factory, concentrate on VR software and VR hardware.
We supply Full Design Solutions for Oversea Customers and offer one stop service include VR Film Production Team, Design Team, Install&Debugging Team,After-sale Service Team, etc. Our customers come from Europe, the United States, Canada, Saudi Arabia and all China etc. Project cover Commercial cinema line, theme park, tourist attractions VR cinema experience hall, Museum/Enterprise VR cinema experience etc. Nothing we can't do, only what you can't imagine!

What do u have?
1.VR hardware - 5DOF 360 °Spinning 9D VR Chair and professional matching 3Glasses vr helmet
4DMAX 5dof 360°Spinning 9D VR Chair for 9D VR Cinema, it make crank structure, that is totally different from electric cylinder type and hydraulic type, it can not only fully realize 5DOF motion effects when experiencing it,such as 3DOF(vibrating,swing forward / back,up / down,forward / back)+2DOF (Left/right 360°spinning movements), also including VR interactive contents, rain, wind, smell, fog effects, etc. When u place order, we should promise that we will supply our 4DMAX unique design&top quality VR chair for our customers, the full equipment are including 9D VR chair, VR play software, VR PC Control System, PC cabinet, VR Movies, VR headset, Wiring parts, etc. Give you a perfect preparation.

vr chair

2.3Glasses vr helmet
Window Store, SteamVR,20,000+Application giant screen movie, motion sensing game and many VR、2D、3D content,3GLASSES-S2  VR headset can be fully matched with our 360 vr chair, enabling the audience to enjoy immersive and impressive 360-degree visual experience. The helmet is not only light in the body, more comfortable in the head, safer in material, easy to scrub, 90 degree in the head cover, reversible design, real-time and virtual switch, circular rotating headband, and can be adjusted with one hand
vr glasses & halmet

3.Vr professional video
Yingda 4dmax Since its inception, our business orientation has always been the same. Only by focusing on one thing can we better pursue high quality, which is also the value of our existence.In the future, we will continue to create greater value based on this belief. So we do our own vr content and we also provide vr video OEM. We make Miracle of life and Blood circulation journey.

Miracle of life tell us the story that our life begins with a small fertilized egg through VR. The birth of the fertilized egg comes from the combination of sperm and egg. Hundreds of millions of sperm through the difficult, difficult, difficult to see the egg, only one can defeat all opponents, and egg integration.Successful fertilized eggs in the warmth of the womb in ten months, the birth of new life.This film allows you to experience the micro process of conception, from the sperm to the fertilized egg to the birth of the fetus, feeling the miracle of the birth of life. If u like, contact us pls! Waiting for u all the time.

Vr professional video
Vr professional video

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