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4DMAX Create a Professional VR Virtual Reality Cinema

Do you want to explore the mysterious undersea world? Do you want to swim in the vast universe? Do you want to experience the thrilling roller coaster game? Do you want to feel the cold snow world of the north in the warm south? Our 5dof 360 degree spinning vr chair can give you these incredible experiences! it can make the audiences realize the 360° rotation with five degrees of freedom, VR electric dynamic chair can reach the full landscape viewings&VR interaction for customers in the world, 4dmax VR motion seat can not only sway left/right,sway forward/back,up and down, it can also rotate 360 ° when experiencing it. At the same time, this seat can greatly reduce the vertigo caused by motion sickness, its final goal is to make viewers enjoy thrilling&immersive. Build a vr cinema is more attractive and more easily earn money.

What is vr cinema?
For 4dmax vr cinema, each 360 vr chair is equipped with a computer as well a set of 3Glasses helmet helmets and a control host. The most important thing is that you can add environmental effects like wind、rain etc, everyone can experience different feelings in a same vr world.

What their are detail specification? Pls find in follow:

1.Luxurious vr motion chair

2.Professional 3Glasses helmet
It have Window Store, Steam VR ,20,000+Application giant screen movie, motion sensing game and many VR, 2D, 3D content, 3GLASSES-S2  VR headset can be fully matched with our VR dynamic seats, enabling the audience to enjoy immersive and impressive 360-degree visual experience. The helmet is not only light in the body, more comfortable in the head, safer in material, easy to scrub, 90 degree in the head cover, reversible design, real-time and virtual switch, circular rotating headband, and can be adjusted with one hand.

3.Hi-Q VR cinema PC
Its CPU : sixth generationi7 Six nuclear, Intel HD Graphics:GTX980/1060, random access memory: 16GB, mechanical hard disk:1T hard disk. Super match version!

How can we do it?
We are a professional VR cinema creative factory(VR software/VR hardware). We only have Single-family production factory , 2 floor cinema workshop, one floor office area we also have a Specialized independent software development team! We can provide not only hardware but also high-quality video. As honest dealer we never crook our customer! WITH US YOU MONEY IN SAFE YOUR BUSINESS SAFE!

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