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5D Cinema Technology ad 5D Cinema System

5D theater equipment mainly relies on computer digital to build a 3D scene, then it uses visual effect rendering technology to divide a 3D scene into a left eye picture and a right eye picture. And projects these two pictures to the screen by a projector, placing a polarized light on the projector in front of the projector to make optical processing of the projector. With the help of the special polarized light glasses, it will separate the light of the projector and make the user see the preset left eye picture in the left eye, and see the preset right eye picture in the right eye, thus presenting the lifelike optical image.

At the same time as the film's play, the 5D theater adopts sensing 5d cinema technology, using a special mechanical design of the hydraulic base or the pressure base to simulate the change of the visual angle of the 3D scene, the bump of the vehicle, and even the action of the characters, thus the fourth degree of freedom is formed.

At the same time as the person's movement, the special effect synchronization software will presuppose the scene information in the film, and convert the digital information into the electrical signal through the integrated circuit board, so the 5D theater will control the special effect equipment of the environment, and then it can achieve the simulation effect of the film environment (such as wind, rain, snow, lightning, smoke, smell, friction, etc.) , and then the fifth degree is formed.

The Systems of 5D Cinema

5D cinema consists of three elements: three-dimensional projection; vibrating seat and special effect equipment and the computer control system. The synergy of the three forms a system to jointly stimulate the audience's senses of vision, hearing, touch and feeling, to reproduce the environment involved in the theme, the various details in the environment. It shows what the audience experiences in a specific environment to create the overall effect as if they were participating.

Mainly Including as Following:

Screen display system: It has high profits, large viewing angle, long service life, and anti environmental light interference.

Seat system: It has 6 degrees of freedom control, 12 directions, 36 combinations, and 72 movements.

Central control system: It controls stereoscopic film playing and movement of seat.

Stereoscopic projection system:It has much stronger effects of settlement, swing, vibration, scene simulation and so on, which will increase the audience's immersive sense of integration.

Theater audio equipment: It contains multichannel surrounded sound system.

Other supplementary system: It can control software and stereoscopic glasses.
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