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Production of 5D Movie Special Effects and Dynamic Effects

As for general movies, they are shot definitely not just for dynamic effects in the initial production. But 5D movies are thrilling, exciting, fantastic and interesting films that are designed to make full use of the special effects and dynamic effects. The ordinary 3D movies are shot by two cameras, but 5D cinema technology is nearly all generated by the computers.

In the movie Titanic, there is a scene in which Jack stands at the bow of the ship shouting, and then the lens is slowly pulled back to overlook the entire Titanic. This short 10-second scene, using the very advanced computer technology at that time, costs about 1 million dollars, and now, of course, only 100 thousand dollars is enough. We can find from it that the production of 5D films is very expensive.

In the movie The Avengers 2, ILM(Industrial Light and Magic) even built a complete expression library for Hulk, it contains his expressions of pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy. We can even see the soul of Hulk in CG(Computer Animation) from his eyes. An interesting thing has been found that there are also just dozens of human expressions.

There are a lot of action scenes in 5D films, such as a roller coaster dives down, takes a sharp turn and rushes into the sea splashing the water; people inside a hot air balloon float in the sky and fall down because of the heavy wind. These scenes can be perfect when integrated with the special effects like wind and rain, and dynamic effects like falling and rolling.

Special effects of 5d cinema technology and the movements of the seats, as well as the number and the length of time of movements, are controlled by the dynamic movie play system. The dynamic movie player makes use of the action codes of the main engine to make the special effects and the motions synchronize with the movements of the films. These action codes are written by action programmers based on actions and situations in the movie. If the roller coaster goes into the sea, the main engine will control the nozzle of the sprinkler to open to a certain degree. Then the water will be sprayed onto the audience's face, and the audience may think that they have crashed into the sea with a roller coaster. The action programmer will write codes of the movement of spraying and time to control the sprinkler, that is, a special effect equipment.

The movements of the dynamic seat are simulated by the degree-of-freedom platform under the seat. Several electric cylinders of the degree-of-freedom platform fluctuate over and over again, which simulates all the movements like bending forward and backward, tossing and rolling. Action programmers first use the action collection system and the air joystick to collect the motions in the movie. According to these motions, the action programmers write the time axis that shows the positions the electric cylinders should be in each time so that the operation of the electric cylinders can be controlled. With special effect devices, dynamic devices, and the action codes that control these two kinds of devices, the audience can enjoy the lifelike stereoscopic images of the 5D films, jolting and pitching together with the film's actors.

The exciting motions simulated by the dynamic platform make the 5D motion cinema seem to be surrounded by the passionate atmosphere of the football field and the concert. When six people sit on one dynamic platform, or two people sit in one mini 5D theater, what they feel is the same movements of bumping and tumbling, the same wind, rain and smoke, what they face is the same adventure in the science fiction world. The audience's vision, hearing, touch and balance can be fully stimulated, which would make the naive children feel ecstatic, and the parents are freaked out.
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