Yingda 4DMAX
4D 5D movie cinema

5D Cinema Theatre Equipment

Screen Display Equipment: Professional stereoscopic cinema projection screen with high gain and large view angle, long service life, anti-environmental light interference.

Seat equipment: 5d cinema theatre special dynamic seat, 6 degree-of-freedom control, 12 directions, 36 combinations, 72 movements.

Central Control Equipment: Control the playing of stereoscopic films, control the movements of the seats, correct motion curves, and control the sensory special effect.

Stereoscopic Projection Equipment: Industrial stereo film projector, with high definition, large brightness, good color restoration and good appreciation.

Special Effect Equipment: 5d cinema theatre Dynamic seat and other power system have special effect functions such as rising-lowering, swinging, vibration, leg touching, air injecting, water spraying, ear blowing, ear hearing, etc; the environment special effects can achieve bubble simulation, smoke simulation, snow simulation, rain simulation, lightning simulation and so on to increase the audience's sense of integration and excitement.

5D Cinema Theatre Audio Equipment: Adopt high-quality sound effect multi-channel surrounded acoustic system. It can simulate aircraft flight, thunder, etc. The multi-channel surrounded acoustic system can make the object do surrounding movements, accurately locate the moving object, and make the stereo film sound solid, which can form a real sense of stereoscopic space and create a  stereoscopic audio-visual space.

Other Auxiliary Equipment: Control software, stereo glasses, connecting pipelines, hangers and so on.

Market Analysis

With the diversification of the economy, the entertainment market has passed the test of the market and becomes the only industry that thrives in the economic crisis, which is recognized by the economic circle as an "entertainment profit" mode. Among many entertainment models, film is a profit carrier with highest penetration. In recent years, the scarcity of 3D movie tickets is very common. The movie Avatar created a myth with hundreds of billions of dollars box office. 5D movies have additionally dynamic seat special effects and environmental special effects on the basis of 3D movies, which enable audiences to interact with the characters in the movie. On the basis of 3D, 5D is more advanced, more realistic and has super experience, its market prospect is prosperous.
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