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The 5D movie has the characteristics of all kinds of high and new technologies, making the audience experience real scene to a large extent. 5D movie is an excellent science facility. With 5D movie, audience can experience the pleasure of space travel, close contact with dinosaurs during the Cretaceous period, explore the sea world and so on. When watching the movie, for example, if there is a rain in the film, the WORLD FX can make the audience feel the raindrop in the body. Audience can also feel the wind and fog when there is wind or fog in the movie. That's what makes the 5d movie experience so thrilling.

Take the movie of the mermaid and the baby seal beating the octopus in the sea as an example. the movie makes the audience feel the environmental effects and dynamic seats of 5D from the perspectives of auditory sense and touch. When there are wind waves in the movie, the surroundings will whistle like wind. When there is a volcanic eruption or strong impact, the seat will start to shake and vibrate. The vibration of seat may be light for adults but is strong for children.

5D movie achieves the most powerful sense of reality from the perspectives of auditory sense, visual sense, smell, touch and dynamic background, which can enlarge the environment sense of reality. The audience can place themselves in lighting, smog and snowflake, feel burning before the fire and wet when the sea wave is swooping. Audience can experience all kinds of feelings like falling, vibrating, wind and rain. Through the unique landscape decoration, advanced computer software technology and 3D graphics animation technology, it realizes real-time interaction between live audience and screen virtual characters. As a form of cinematic art developing on the basis of 4D movie, 5D movie is a perfect blend of visual sense, auditory sense, touch, and innervation. When watching the movie, the audience can not only touch the objects in the movie but also experience such scene like wind, rain and lighting, which is really interesting.
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