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The Principle And Introduction Of 5D Movies Technology

The way to achieve the effect of 5D is also complicated. Firstly, set up a 3D scene by computer digital modeling. Through visual effect rendering technology, make a scene divided into the left eye image and the right eye image, and then the two images are projected onto the screen by the projector. The polarizing filter will be placed in front of the projector to do optical processing for the light which comes from the projector. Then, with the special polarized light glasses, the light of the projector will be separated, and the user can see the predetermined left eye picture in the left eye and predetermined left eye picture in the right eye. Thus presenting the lifelike optical image. At the same time when the film is played with sensing technology, through the special mechanical design of the hydraulic base or the pressure base to simulate the change of the visual angle of the 3D scene, the bump of the vehicle, and even the action of the characters, thus forming the fourth dimensions. 

While the characters are moving, the special effects synchronization software extracts the scene information which is predetermined in the movie. Then through the integrated circuit board, the digital information is converted into an electrical signal, so it is easy to control all kinds of special environmental effects equipment. Thus it can achieve the simulation of the film environmental effects (such as wind, rain, snow, lightning, smoke, smell, friction, etc.), and then form the fifth dimensions. The film source contents of 5D movie technology are mainly about sci-fi themes, adventure, and few about terrorist plots. These plots are relatively easy to create a thrilling atmosphere, which can give the audience the most exciting, the freshest and the most anxious impression after watching in a short period of time. It is difficult to make a conclusion whether people like it or not, but it will certainly leave a deep impression on people.
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