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9D Virtual Reality Cinema-See The Movie And See The Future

The VR movie will completely break through the dimensions of the traditional cinema, and make the audience fully infiltrate the visual and auditory content. At the same time, through the capture of the head, eye, hand and other parts of the audience, adjust the appearance of the image in time, it not only form the interaction of the scene but also allows the audience to have the choice of the plot. The experiential view will open the big future of the film.

Existing problems in the existing VR Cinema:

1.VR motion sickness is similar to simulator syndrome and seasickness. Due to the incompatibility between the visual system and the vestibular system, it is possible to solve this problem with real-time simulation compensation with precise and low delay motion mechanism.

2. There is virtual reality 360 movies. Traditional seat and stand mode cannot support long time viewing, and cannot be obtained at the same time. Matching real-time rotation / controllable rotation can solve this problem.

3. A variety of hardware uses different drivers and is difficult to operate. Technicians can develop software to adapt mainstream hardware, and finally plug and play.

Yingda has launched a revolutionary VR seat for the special view of the VR cinema. The audience can take 360 degrees on the seat and play the game, at the same time, they can move back and forth. The infinitely variable speed seat can greatly reduce the dizziness caused by motion sickness and make it easy for people to experience. At the same time, the seat is equipped with a rich somatosensory simulation device: vibration, leg sweep, ball bearing and the first smell simulation in the industry, it breaks the traditional passive watching mode and leads the new era of view. In the future, there will be a 9d virtual reality cinema.
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