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The first on-site 9D virtual reality experience hall shows

Wearing VR glasses and experiencing the omnipotent world can sound amazing, but at the Beijing International Service Trade Fair in 2017, the first on-site 9D virtual reality experience hall can achieve the above experience. A reporter went to the scene to personally experience a first on-site 9D VR experience hall. As long as you sit on the oval seat, then wear VR glasses, it will as if through dimension door of Doraemon, going directly to another magical world: Playing zombies, fighting dragons, clouds and shuttles, interstellar crossings, which is omnipotent. According to the on-site technical staff, the first on-site 9D VR Experience Hall can achieve a 125-degree simulation perspective, and 1080P binocular independent HD resolution, giving the experiencer a real feeling of no dead corners.

Secondly, the first on-site 9D VR Experience Hall also has a 360-degree rotating platform. Every time you follow up, each turn, you can fully feel the ultimate pleasure of restoring the real space displacement. In addition, there are 9 axis sensors and 360 degree head tracking in the first on-site 9D VR experience hall. No longer need to hold heavy weapons, you can accurately aim by gently rotating your head.
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