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9D VR Simulator

The 9D VR Simulator adopt the 360°panoramic immersion experience form, combined with the operating handle or NT- series of dynamic devices, to create a virtual world with a full view for you. Related products of Yingda are VR suit that has independent seats for 23 people, customized multi-player VR hall, multi-player VR gunfight game and so on.

VR games

Virtual reality game, that is, as long you as turn on the computer and put on the virtual reality helmet, you are allowed to enter an interactive virtual scene, in which you can not only invent  the current scene but also the virtual past and the future. Having known the concept of the virtual reality game, it is not difficult to understand that no matter how you move your sight in the game world after you put on the virtual reality helmet, you are always in the game.

The characteristics of 9D VR Simulator


Besides visual perception, there are auditory perception, tactile perception and motion perception, taste perception and olfactory perception.

Sense of Place

Users can feel the reality of being a leading actor in a simulated environment.


The user's ability to manipulate objects in a simulated environment, and the naturalness of getting feedback from the environment.


The degree of the obedience of the movements of objects in a virtual environment to the laws of physical motion in the real world.
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