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Difference between 4D and 5D Movies

Unlike the 3D movies that we have seen in the cinema before, 4D films have a special environment effect in addition to visual and auditory effects, such as snow, spray, and the effect of seats, so that people have a feeling of being on the screen. However, generally the time of the 4D movie is shorter, there is no plot, and not so realistic as the real films. It just gives you a feeling of the experience.

4D film is the introduction of the effects of shock, blow, spray, smoke, air bubble, smell, scene, character performance and other special effects into the 3D (stereoscopic film) film, forming a unique form of performance, which is very popular nowadays.

5D film is on the basis of 4D. It realizes the real-time interactive movie between the scene audience and the virtual role of the screen through unique landscape decoration, advanced computer technology, and 3D graphics animation technology.

The main difference between 4D and 5D is mainly on the seats. The former pneumatic equipment is called 4D, and most of the 5D equipment is hydraulic! In fact, the real 5D does not exist. Current 5D is upgraded to the more advanced hydraulic equipment on the basis of the original pneumatic equipment.
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