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Dynamic Ball Screen 4D Motion Theater

The dynamic ball screen 4D motion theater screening equipment adopts the 70 millimeter 15 hole single or multi machine projecting system with the highest technical content and maximum drawing in the world. The 70 mm 15 dental film is 10 times as much as the ordinary 35 millimeter film. Its unique "waveform ring" transmission is designed to attach each drawing firmly to a single door to make the picture clear and stable. When the projector is shown, it rises from the elevator to the central projection window of the cinema. The image is shown on the tilted spherical screen by 165 degrees of fish eye lens. The picture is clear and stable and covers more than 85% of the screen, making the audience surround and lie between them. When the audience is dazzled, the sound system of the 61 channels in the cinema provides visual and auditory enjoyment to the audience by broadcasting the music and special sound through more than 10 groups of speakers.

The hemispherical screen in the dynamic ball screen 4D motion theater is 18 meters in diameter. When the audience is watching the film, the whole ball is full of pictures without seeing the screen edge. the transmission metal screen and the stereo effect of the six channel make the audience enjoy a lot of changes and images. The dynamic platform in the auditorium is a hi-tech system engineering which integrates hydraulic, electrical automation control and computer animation. When you sit on the platform carrier, the whole carrier can rise and fall up and down, tilt left and right, and look up and down. You can draw up a spacecraft to visit the space, and can also draw up a submersible to enjoy the strange and beautiful scene in the undersea world. With the lifelike pictures and platform carrier's activities, people enter the role spontaneously in a very real and thrilling special feeling.

The dynamic ball screen 4D motion theater extends the screen to the back and both sides. In the 360 degree range, the front, back, left, right and top of the audience are all surrounded by images. Because the screen image is large and clear and full field is covered by sound, no matter where the audience's perspective face, the audience are always accompanied by audio-visual. As the audience is placed in the other space and time with 3D and the application of dynamic technology, it can produce a strong immersion effect. The screen theater can customize different functional needs such as popular science education, theme entertainment and so on. It can also be divided into fixed, movable and other types.

(1) Fixed ball screen 4d motion theater

The fixed ball screen cinema is put forward for culture, science and technology, theme entertainment and other occasions. The volume is generally large. It is mainly used in science and Technology Museum, museum, cultural heritage site, theme amusement park, large commercial area and other specific places.

(2) Movable small ball screen 4d motion cinema

Movable small ball screen cinema, which is generally small, is usually a small screen cinema with the goal of popular science education, such as the three or four line city and the county-level science and Technology Museum and primary and secondary schools. It also can be used for commercial purposes such as a commercial exhibition.
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