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How Much Does The 5D Motion Cinema Theatre Cost

The length of the film: 8 - 15 minutes

Daily business hours: 10 - 12 hours

According to the 4 screenings per hour, the theater can hold 6 people in one field, and there can be a maximum of 240 - 288 people in a day. Tickets are marked by 20 - 40 RMB per person. (It depends the consumption level of the city).

Monday to Friday: according to 80 RMB per person one day, the monthly income is =20*80*22=25,200 RMB

Saturday and Sunday: according to 200 RMB per person one day, the monthly income is =20*200*8=35,200 RMB

The monthly average turnover is 67,200 RMB.

5D Cinema Theatre's rent is about 5,000 RMB per month, employee wages are about 6,000 RMB per month, others (water and electricity charges) are 3,000 RMB per month.

Average monthly operating cost: 14,000 RMB

67,200 RMB-14,000 RMB = Monthly profits: 53,200 RMB per month

Annual profits: 53,200 RMB *12 months=638,400 RMB

Building Materials Consumption: 10,000 RMB

The freshness of the 5D film is the first factor to attract the audience, so we should try to avoid the saturation of the market as far as possible. If the market has become saturated, we can use the way of mobile operation to grasp the advantages of the day and the people and to have a better effect.

We can decide the appropriate marketing strategy according to the local economic situation. Such as in the first tier cities, the ticket price can be slightly higher, and in the two or three line city, the ticket price is lower, so the relative cost will also be reduced. The operators can also adopt flexible and diverse management methods, in general, it should be based on the local economic strength.
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