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How to Choose the Location of 4D Motion Theater

The 4D Motion Theater Location Factors

The location of a new 4D movie theater is very important. Then this article will introduce how to choose the location of 4D cinema based on the years of experience in the movie industry.

(1) Commercial downtown area
This section (such as commercial street / commercial city/supermarket) is a place for people to date, chat, go shopping, rest etc, so of course also the most appropriate place to open a shop and an area requiring relatively large investment. There will be more customers on weekends and holidays.

(2) Student gathering area
The school nearby is a sensible location, for students are also the group that pays much attention to fashion and personality. In addition to reading and learning, students spend money on motives such as gathering, birthday parties, taking photos and other entertainment. They consume more randomness and never give up things that they like whose price is not too high. There is no obvious difference between the peak and off period in universities, but the impact of the cold summer vacation is also quite great, but it does not matter - just recuperate in this period to get ready for the peak of the school opens. Students are the great contributors to the income of 4D motion theater.

(3) Tourist attractions
The personalized products made of heat transfer technology are most memorable. It can be printed in the tourist resort on a cup and gloriously show it in front of others. People are most willing to spend money when traveling, even if kind of expensive.

(4) Nearby the station
The station generally has a large stream of people as well as pretty long open hours, especially the railway station, where there are large outlanders, making the souvenirs the best business. It is also a great opportunity in the holidays, which requires abundant inventory at early to avoid the shortage in the business fire.

(5) The concentrated area of the company
It is better to be in the vicinity of the office building. Taking office workers as the main object, for they have a certain economic strength and are easy to accept individualized things. But remember to constantly create novelty to attract them to patronize.

(6) Residential area
The main customers in the residential area are housewives and office workers. The housewives are more rational and intelligent in consumption, while the office workers go early and back late. Even in holidays, they will go outside for fun without visiting the nearby stores. In addition, due to the small mobility of customers in residential areas, if there are no new products for a long time, it will be difficult to maintain. Therefore, it is prudent to choose residential areas as a business point.
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