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Let 4D Motion Effects Seats Move

It is understood that the construction of 4D Motion Effects Seats & Theaters needs to consist of three major elements: stereoscopic projection system, special effects seat and special effects equipment, and computer control system. These three synergistically work together to stimulate the viewer's visual, auditory, tactile, and sensational images, representing the film involved in the environment, the various details within the environment, and the "encounters" of the audience in a particular environment, which creates an overall effect that makes people "immersive". Among them, special 4d motion effects seats and special effects equipment work together to achieve "immersive" on the basis of stereo vision. In general, special 4d motion effects seats can perform complex movements in three directions, realistically mimicking real-life fall, climb, tilt, pitch, sway, etc., and adjust the seat state accurately in real time according to the movie content.

Besides,the special 4d motion effects seat can also realize the functions of water spray, jet, vibration, sweeping the legs, etc., so that the audience can feel the events corresponding to the three-dimensional movie, such as wind and rain, lightning, impact, spray water, and pat leg, in real time. To achieve these functions, special 4d motion effects seats require a "smart" power system.

According to the chief designer of the electric cylinder technology of 8359, from the perspective of the driving mode of the 4D motion effects seats, there are mainly three kinds of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric. The hydraulic pressure mainly uses the oil source to hydraulically pump the oil into the oil cylinder. The telescopic drive seat of the oil cylinder generates motion. The hydraulic method simulates the real motion effect most realistically, but the environmental requirements are relatively high; the pneumatic is to input the compressed gas into the cylinder through the air pump. The movement drives the seat movement, the pneumatic method is relatively low cost, but the structure is complicated.

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