Yingda 4DMAX
4D 5D movie cinema

Open the New Immersive Motion Experience of Films

4DMAX seat is electric 3DOF motion sofa, it can realize the lifelike motion simulations of film plots completely, which is currently pioneer of supplying 4D seat at domestic market.it can be widely used in 4D cinema, theater, VR&other fields.Compared to similar products in the market,4DMAX motion seat has compelling advantages both hardware&software performances, stability, support content, platforms quantity and ecosystems.

Product Features

Movement Accuracy
Motion Positioning Accuracy 0.1mm,
Dynamic Response Time 0.05s,
Synchronization Accuracy 1 Frame

Low Noise

Simple Product Mechanical Structure
Low Noise
Design Noise 30dB;


Choosing precision servo reducer, low-speed operation smoothly, strong anti-load ability, Withstand 3 times the rated load of the force, for instantaneous load fluctuations, high-speed response and fast start,so that the movement simulation of motion sofa is enhanced;

Stable Performance&Long Life

By using new crank swing-arm mechanical structure, it has the functions of wear resistance, high precision&stable performance. Product usage life up to 8 years, is more 2-5times than the electric cylinder(electric cylinder life is only 1 to 2 years)

Variety of Seat Styles

A variety of styles, color optional or exclusively custom-made according to project requests;

Low Maintenance Costs

The screw&electric cylinder takes 1-3 years for one-time replacement according to different products, however, crank swing-arm mechanical structure is up to 8 years

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