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Phantom Star 9D Virtual Reality Experience Hall

In July 2014, Facebook announced the acquisition of Oculus for $2 billion, and virtual reality technology began to enter the public eye. Virtual Reality (VR) has been used for more than half a century since its birth. It has been used in military and scientific research fields until the emergence of Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Phantom Star 9D Virtual Reality Experience Hall, which not only makes VR technology shine in the entertainment field, but it also makes China stand at the forefront of global virtual reality entertainment technology commercial equipment. VR technology has three most prominent features: interactivity, immersion and conception. It combines simulation environment, vision system and simulation system to create a full immersive experience effect. The Phantom Star 9D Virtual Reality Experience Hall applies this VR technology to the game field, allowing players to feel like they are in the game. The full real simulation experience creates a super exciting effect that makes the player scream. It is not only a consumer-grade VR experience product, but also the world's first low-cost VR commercial investment project with high return potential. Five highlights of Phantom Star 9D Virtual Reality Experience Hall allow you to experience the charm of VR technology more when you enjoy the game experience. Unlike traditional theaters, the Phantom Star 9D Virtual Reality Experience Hall does not need screen, and the audience is no longer a spectator, but a real participant. Put on the 360 ° panoramic helmet, You may be sitting on a roller coaster and roaring through the clouds, may be wearing a battle suit and crossing the fire line to fight for honor, may also sneak into the sea to explore the unfathomable underwater treasure...Everything is possible because of phantom star 9D VR.We must thank the Phantom Star. Each of their progress will promote the development of entertainment life experience in the future, lay the leading position of Chinese people in the virtual reality commercial equipment, and open a new industry to create a rich model.

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