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The Advantages of 4D Motion Effects Seats in 4D Motion Theater

4D motion theater, a four-dimensional space composed of three-dimensional film and surrounding environmental simulations, is a new type of film and television product composed of special environmental effects and analog simulation on the basis of 3D stereoscopic films. By giving the audience the physical stimulation of the linkages of film content, the effect of the telepresence is enhanced. 4D motion effects seat can accurately simulate the actions of forward, backward, left leaning, right tilt, falling, bumping, blowing, spraying water, sweeping legs, poking back, shaking arse and so on.

When the following scenes appear, you will experience the corresponding effects. For example, when the car turns left or right in the plot, the seat makes the corresponding actions; when the plot shows a falling-down from the high altitude, the seat will simulate the same. These series of movie plots can all be simulated and fully synchronized by the motion effects seats.

Advantages of 4D Motion effects seats:   
1. High synchronism: it can simultaneously support 300 4d motion effects seats with zero error! Because the power source of the platform is operated by the servo motor under the seat;
2. Fast response speed: it adopts the control technology of electric servo, which promises fast response speed and the synchronization reaching 99.9%;
3. Ultra high precision: the displacement accuracy controlled by the servo motor can reach 1/3000 of a circle; 
4. High stability: the electric cylinder adopts the screw rod structure, has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and reversibility, low friction resistance etc..
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