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The Design Process of the 4D Special Effect Motion Cinema

Yingda has first-class 4D motion cinema design team, construction team, planning team and business advisory team at home. It has the R & D and production strength of 4D special effect seats and special effect movie broadcasting systems. It is the leader of 4D special effect cinema experience in China. Aiming at improving the experience of the audience, the latest 4D virtual technology is integrated perfectly with movies.

Yingda uses the most innovative inspiration and creativity to design different styles for every movie theater so that your theater will be unique when entering the market. We provide customers with a powerful and perfect comprehensive solution of 4D motion cinema layout, cinema supporting functions, theater building decoration, architectural acoustics, cinema screening and sound system.

The design of the cinema is divided into two parts:

(1) Preliminary design

1.The overall planning of the project according to the site;
2.The system design of 4D theater technology;
3. Design the layout according to the location and characteristics of 4D cinema and investors' own requirements.

Including: 4D theater layout (film hall, the number of seats, the road map), the layout of the layout of the plane (the layout of the machine room and the route of import and export), the initial layout of the supporting function area of the movie city (selling area, ticket office).

(2) Deepened design

1.The architectural decoration design of the 4d motion cinema;
2. The sound and optical design of the building inside the studio;
3. The theater's air conditioning, fire control and other professional supporting design;
4. Theater screening, the design of the sound system;
5. The design of the compressor soft water machine room;

Including: the film craft plan of each movie hall (the plane size of the movie hall, the seats' row distance and  layout), and the film craft section of each movie hall (the section size of the movie hall, the location of the projector, the seat spacing, the design of the unshielded slope).

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