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The Difference between 3D and 5D Movies

The 5D film is based on the background and effect of the 4D dynamic film, which makes the audience achieve the effect from five aspects of hearing, vision, smell, touch, and motion. For example, when the audience is watching the stereoscopic film, he can immediately feel the events that correspond to the stereoscopic images as the content of the film changes, such as storm, thunder, rain, impact, water spray, and so on, and the seat will swaying and swinging thereby.

Generally speaking, the 5D film is a special effect 3D film, in this case, the 5D film is made of a special processing by the 3D film, not much from the 4D film made into 5D.

It is obvious that 5D cinema experience has more feeling of smell, touch, and motion, such as wind, rain, electricity, smoke, snowflakes, bubbles, flame sweep legs, poke back, vibration, smoke and so on. Along with the change of the film content, the audience can feel in real time in "lightning, smoke, and snow". You can feel the burning sensation before “flames”, the waves will "wet" clothes when they come. You can experience a new and real feeling of falling, shaking, windy, rainy and sweeping legs.

The 3D film is different from the 2D film, specifically by the difference between the eye distance and the different scenes seen by the two eyes. Usually, you need special glasses to watch. The effect is like the stereoscopic view of the flat scenery as if you can touch it
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