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The Functions Of 5D Motion Cinema

5d Motion Cinema includes all the functions of the 4D cinema, which makes a good use of special effects about seats and environment. With surreal visual sense and special and stimulating effect, the 5D cinema simulates scenes and makes special tricks to imitate the actual events. while creating a vivid and vivid stereoscopic picture, along with the play, the 5D motion cinema will imitate a variety of special effects, such as lightning, thunder, wind, frost, rain and snow, explosion and shock. And the audience will find that the visual sense, hearing sense, smelling sense, touching sense and motion are perfectly integrated into one. Then the 5D cinema will add the interactive games, and make full use of the interactive props, so that the audience can participate in it and integrate into the plot wholeheartedly. So they will experience the fantasy and thrilling adventure.

It can be seen that the interactive participation to the movie of the audience in the 5D motion cinema is different from the previous movies. The biggest feature is the interactive games between the role and the audience in the film, which makes the audience feel the sense of mission and achievement in the film. And except the interaction between the audience and the film in the movie, there still exists the interactive game competition between the audience. Competition results in a considerable part of the audience's desire to watch the same movie again. This is the unique charm of 5D cinema, and its commercial value is much higher than that of other cinemas.
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