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The Prospect and Advantage of 4D Motion Cinema

In recent years, with the development of information technology, on the one hand, the 4D cinema development is obviously accelerated and gradually popularized; on the other hand, some new technologies are applied, which greatly enriches the content of 4D cinema and improves the experience effect of 4D cinema.

4D cinema

Excellent advance 4d motion cinema

1.Modern high-tech products

The 4d motion theater include three part, the stereoscopic projection system, the control system, 4d motion seat and the equipment. This three part cooperate create high technology content. This feature is a great attraction for children, teenagers, shopping tourists, mobile consumer groups, especially young people with high consumption ability.

4d motion theater

2.Big market potential
4D effect display used to be only used in some aviation or high-tech products experience or display, the cost is high, only a few people have the opportunity to experience. Now the low cost 4D cinema is made by 4dmax not only enhances various effects, but also greatly reduces the price, so that common people can experience the shocking effect by 4D movie with tale only usd 10 . At present, only some first-tier cities in China have 4D cinemas, and only a few second - tier  and third-tier cities have 4d motion theatre. Still has many small city not 4d cinema or 5d cinemas. Therefore, we can see how big market potential of 4d cinema and 5d motion cinema.

4d motion theatre
3.Easy publicity
4D cinema itself is very attractive, as long as the 4D movie hanging signs, people will come in great numbers. 4D cinemas can be used as a gimmick to raise it’s high popularity and accumulate popularity.

4d cinema 5d cinemas

4.Quick received cost

Due to 4d motion theatre’s novel, exciting and lifelike all-round vision, auditory sense, smell and other feelings, they are enough to attract people who has not experienced it. Therefore, the early box office will be very hot, and the investment can be recovered in a short time.

4d motion theatre
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