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Theme Park 4D Motion Cinema Chair

Basic Introduction

Theme park 4D motion cinema chair is the 4D dynamic seat developed by Yingda after years of research and practice for theme park and other exciting projects. 4D dynamic seat is one of the essential elements in the establishment of the dynamic cinema. The dynamic seat can be controlled by the computer according to the different story plots of the film and makes different special effects, such as falling, vibrating, blowing, spraying rain and so on, together with carefully designed smoke, rain, optoelectronic, air bubbles, smell and so on, so as to create a holographic perception environment that is consistent with the content of the film.

Classification of 4D Motion Cinema Chair

The dynamic seats of dynamic cinemas can be generally divided into independent type and platform type. They can also be divided according to their degree-of-freedom, there are 3DOF, 6DOF and so on. They all can be called 4d dynamic seats, but they are very different.

Composition of 4D Dynamic Seats

At present, 4D motion cinema chair technology can be divided into pneumatic, hydraulic and electric. Hydraulic dynamic chair is the one that mostly used in the domestic market because its technical requirements are relatively high, and its price is relatively low, it can be said to be the most cost-effective seat. The structure and technical requirements of the pneumatic seat are the most simple, its price is the lowest, it can only be used as the most primary transition dynamic seats, so pneumatic seat is not applied in the cinemas now. The structure and the control software of electric seat are relatively complex, and its price is the most expensive, so there are not many cinemas using this kind of seat. General 4D dynamic cinemas use hydraulic dynamic seats, each seat can contain two audience, the combination of the seats is convenient and the dynamic effect is good, it can carry on three degree-of-freedom lifting, pitching, swinging and so on. And now, during the period of hosting Shanghai World Expo, China has applied the space technology to the 4D dynamic seat. When watching the space aviation film, the seats under the audience sometimes move back and sometimes tilt, and the audience would feel like they are just flying in the sky with the plane.

Control System of 4D Dynamic System

The control system of dynamic chair is composed of an operation control box, the main control computer and a servo control box, each component is integrated into a central console. The control system has the characteristics of simple operation and reliable performance. The motion range is adjustable. The operation control box is composed of the main control box and the auxiliary control box, the main operation components, the display part and the component parts of them are best-imported products or products of the well-known domestic manufacturers, these components should be strictly inspected and be produced strictly according to the technical requirements. The control system has multi-level protection measures, which can easily handle the emergency occurring in the operation.
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