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3D look tired! How ordinary trucks turn into 5D movies technology vehicle?

5D movies technology projection vehicle are generally divided into 4 seats, 6 seats, 8 seats and 9 seats. The viewers need to enter the vehicle to watch and experience. This vehicle is equipped with a full set of 5D movies technology equipment, including: screen system, computer control system, air compressor, bubble machine, snow machine, sweeper, lightning machine, audio amplifier, dynamic seat and other projection equipment. The audience can experience the full range of visual, auditory, olfactory and tactile impacts in the simulated fantasy world. As the content of the movie and television changes, real-time effects such as snow, lightning, rain, spray, impact, etc. corresponding to the stereoscopic image are felt. 5D movie technology projection vehicle is a product of the development of 3D movies. Currently, it has not been opened in the domestic market, which can only be seen in some city playgrounds or theme parks, mainly satisfying people's novel sensory experience. The 5D movie technology projection vehicle, as a new type of movie projection vehcle, has strong mobility, convenient movement of personnel and equipment, which can cooperate with the theater in the future to find a broader market. Nowadays, this kind of special  projection vehicle is more convenient than ordinary vehicle, and the projectionist does not need to carry the additional bracket screen, saving time and effort, and the screening effect is even better. To a certain extent, this has also promoted more opportunities for projectionists to enter remote mountainous areas, bring more exciting movies to the local people, and enrich people's spiritual and cultural life.

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