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Virtual Reality 360 Movies Rewrite the Movie Rules

VR has a lot of application scenes, such as remote tourism, remote medical treatment, distance education, simulation training, game entertainment and so on. "Watching movies" is also one of the application scenes, and it looks like VR movies are the most important front-end in the business strategy of the manufacturers.

The biggest difficulty in making VR movies is not in technology but in art. Taking the "little goalkeeper" as an example, because of the wide view of the panorama, Yuan Ye's team set up a "clue" in the story in order not to make the audience feel dizzy --- pull the "I" line to develop the plot through the action of the person and the position of the sound. What is not enough is that the part that the lens dragged into the stove. When the flames come on, the illusion of human vestibule cognitive illusion caused by VR "immersion" causes a certain Vertigo --- some people do feel uncomfortable in this part.

The traditional film is drawn by the action of the characters, whether the parallel narrative or the ring narrative, all of which are linear viewing --- the only plot starting point and the only plot end. But in the panorama of VR, if this is still the case, the panorama will be wasted. But if there are too many starting points and too many endpoints, traditional film creation and traditional movie appreciation are not suitable for thinking and methods. In the process of transition to new technologies, movie makers and audiences need a process to create VR movies and explore VR movies. Many people want to experience virtual reality 360 movies.
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