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Virtual Reality 360 Movies Will Be A Revolutionary Recreation

The innovation of 3D movies and IMAX films still revolves around the flat screen, and the VR Movies will be a revolutionary recreation. It not only is the new journey of film shooting and creation, the way and scene of viewing will also take a huge migration. People can wear VR glasses and put themselves in a virtual theater scene. Whether they are acquaintances or strangers, they can be implemented in the same virtual studio by including VR glasses and voice equipment, somatosensory devices, etc. If the social function of the cinema is replaced by the VR device and the audio-visual experience of the VR device will be stronger than the cinema, the cinema will really disappear.

The rapid development of VR technology is very exciting, but its latent danger will also gradually spread in the future. Addicted to the virtual world may lead to psychedelic hypnotism. In the "Inception", there is a plot that describes in a basement that many people escape the reality or want to live in their dreams through drugs. In addition, the immersive sensory experience will also make pornographic films rampant and facilitates the terrorists' training in military operations in virtual space (the VR of the game has reached a considerable degree of simulation). Many people want to watch virtual reality 360 movies.
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