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Walk into the 4D Motion Theater and Enjoy the Audio-visual Technology

The 4D special seat is a key part of 4D motion theater. Most of the special effects experienced by spectators in watching 4D movies are provided by special effects seats. In addition to the three actions of left, back and right-leaning, the 4D special effect seat also includes 1. The back of the seat can jet forward; 2. The seat can sweep your legs; 3. The back of the seat can jet to your back; 4. The back of the seat can spray water backward; 5. The seat has a bass oscillator.

The projection facilities of 4D motion theater consist of two 30-thousand-lumen digital projectors. When the stereoscopic movie is shown, the form of dual polarization is adopted. Compared with the single-screen-projection stereoscopic film of the general commercial cinema, the overall brightness of the double-screen-projection is higher, and the audience's eye is more comfortable and is not prone to fatigue. The theater audio system uses the Dolby digital 7.1 mode surround-sound, which has a series of loudspeakers distributed behind the screen and around the theater. When the audience is watching a movie, it can show the sound effects of the movie, such as the shocking sound effect, the grand soundtrack, the detailed sound with bearings, and so on.

In addition to the 4D special effects described above, the theater is also equipped with rich environmental special effects, such as lighting machine, snowflake machine, bubble machine, star lamp, lighting lamp and so on. These special environmental effect equipment combined with the 4D seat, plus the wonderful stereoscopic film content, can produce a strong sense of substitution and bring unparalleled visual, auditory and sensory experience to the audience watching the 4D films.
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