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What is 4D Movie?

4D Movie is a technology company engaged in the R&D of 4D theater design and hardware equipment, specializing in creating 4D special effects cinema and 4D dynamic cinemas. 4D Movie breaks the traditional audio-visual viewing style,it combines the environmental effects (such as rain, lightning, fog, snow, bubble)&motion seat effects (face air,sweep leg,back shaker, vibration, spray fog) with three degree of freedom electric platform,with the moving&shaking of film plots,it can sync with movie scene completely,it shows the different special effects,it can make audiences enjoy immersive experience when watching movies.

The suitable arrangements of 4d seat&4d effects equipment,4d motion code assurance up to second, it can be accurate up to 24frame per second,it can put motion plots of the movie, scene plots&effects for showing in the 4d dynamic cinema, at last,it can make audience enjoy the most extreme experience of 4d.
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