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What Kind Of Experience Is Virtual Reality Movies?

Traditional movies, whether 2D or 3D, audiences are only spectators. However, audiences are participants in Virtual Reality Movies. It has always been a medium of high cross-regional and cross-industry. Especially after Spielberg's movie "the number one player" was showed to the public, Virtual Reality began to be noticed by people who didn't pay much attention to this technology at ordinary times.

The Beijing International Film Festival has launched the Virtual Reality unit, which is divided into three parts: Virtual Reality movie, Virtual Reality device, and vertical interactive Virtual Reality. The time is no more than 20 minutes. In the current technology, it is no problem to make VR for 100 minutes, as long as the funds are enough. But at present, all Virtual Reality devices, most of which can only support a 20-minute experience. The audience will be dissatisfied if it is over time. This is the same as the 3D stereoscopic movie in the 50s of last century, and I believe that this problem can be solved in the near future.

The Virtual Reality Movies are carried out on a site that can hold more than 20 people at the same time. You should wear the equipment and sit in the chair. This is a wonderful thing about Virtual Reality experience. For the filmmaker, it is also a new language. Unlike the previous film language, the way the director guides the audience has changed, and even the screenwriter needs to have the concept of panoramic photography and write a scene with the scene. This is very difficult because there was a lack of our deep-rooted way of expression through coherent and smooth editing at the time.

The vertical interactive Virtual Reality contains three videos, each with ten to fourteen minutes. Each piece can only hold one person at the same time, and the audience can simply walk around in a fixed small room.

The third part is the Virtual Reality device, which can hold two people at the same time. It's not a Virtual Reality Movies, it's a game category. It is based on ergonomics, allowing users to control virtual pictures through two joysticks. In the film, it is free to fly and shuttle in a blackboard and white dust world. There are eight unique rooms -- word house, graphics house, voice room, fast flight and slow speed flight. You can fly in, and you can push the button in.
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